Royer Biomedical, Inc. (RBI) is a mid-stage biotechnology enterprise targeting novel drug delivery systems. RBI has developed proprietary bioabsorbable polymer hydrogel technology for topical and internal controlled release of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents, and local anesthetics. The various polymer and calcium-based matrix formulations have extensive patent protection in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico. Royer Biomedical is focusing on novel polymer hydrogel based drug delivery systems to provide next generation therapies for diabetes, cancer, and localized infection.

Royer Biomedical, Inc. is a privately held company based outside Washington DC in Frederick, Maryland. Royer has a strong research background in polymer chemistry and localized therapeutic systems, and holds numerous US and international patents on calcium and hydrogel matrices capable of delivering a broad array of anti-infective, anti-neoplastic, and analgesic pharmaceuticals. Royer utilizes proprietary polymer platform technologies to deliver existing pharmaceutical compounds in novel formulations. These synthetic (no animal products or collagen) proprietary platforms allow for sterile delivery, controlled elution rates without any immunogenic response, and controlled rates of bioresorption, without acid production during resorption or susceptibility to proteolytic enzyme attack.

AppliGel/VetriGel is a polymer hydrogel which is injectable or topical. It forms a non-abrasive flexible matrix or dressing to provide localized delivery of increased levels of pharmaceutical activity at the targeted site with decreased systemic concentrations, enhancing efficacy while reducing or eliminating systemic effects. Because of its flexibility and non-abrasive characteristics, Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine has  commenced a study of intra-articular VetriGel/Antibiotic for the treatment of septic arthritis.  After proof of concept, Royer intends to apply for an IND for septic arthritis and joint prophylaxis in humans. Because of AppliGel/VetriGel’s unique properties and applications, Royer Biomedical has initially focused on Orthopedic, Diabetic, Anti-infective, and Oncologic applications.

Matrix III is a calcium-based matrix for depot delivery of pharmaceuticals. Matrix III Cisplatin Beads have received MUMS (Minor Use Minor Species) designation from the FDA – Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), and is currently being reviewed for Target Animal Safety prior to application for formal MUMS approval. Matrix III is being studied by a partner licensee for Cancer Vaccine applications.