President – John J. Byrne

John J. Byrne is a West Point graduate, and received his engineering degree in 1946. After serving in Korea, Japan and Saipan and at several army posts in the United States, he resigned as a Captain in 1954 and entered Georgetown Law School from which he received his JD in 1957. Byrne was a patent examiner at the United States Patent Office while in law school. For most of his legal career, Byrne was a partner in the international law firm of Baker & McKenzie where he started the patent and trademark section in their Washington D.C. office. After his retirement from Baker and McKenzie, he became President of Vycor, a software company. During his presidency, Vycor was successfully sold to the McAfee Corporation. Currently, in addition to his Royer duties, he is President and CEO of Byrne Capital, LLC and is manager of Wicklow Properties, LLC, both of which are investment vehicles in real estate and start-up companies that have a serious technology component.

Chief Biochemist – Tatiana Bizikova, M.Sc., RNDr.

Tatiana Bizikova has worked at Royer since 1999. She holds a Master of Science degree and a doctorate degree in Biochemistry from Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. At RBI, she has worked on exploration and development of time-release formulations, characterization of performance, and determination of stability of pharmaceutical formulations. She has optimized processes for incorporation of pharmaceutical compounds into Royer biodegradable polymer matrices, and has developed and characterized new formulations. Currently, she manages regulatory administration and ongoing compliance, working with our regulatory consultants at SRS International ( to contribute scientific input in the organization and preparation of regulatory documents for submission to the regulatory agencies. Prior to that, she served as a researcher at the Institute of Virology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, where she worked on the human tumor-associated protein MN/CA IX as a perspective biomarker for tumor diagnostics and potential therapeutic target. She also served as a researcher at the Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, Slovakia, focusing on the regulation of the growth factor expression in tumor cells and worked on evaluation of α2-macroglobulin as a modulator of melanoma cell growth.

Office Manager – Laura Bartlette

Laura has been with RBI since 2009. She has over ten years of management experience, and serves as our primary contact person as well as supporting marketing and fulfillment services. Please feel free to contact her at