AppliGel/VetriGel is a polymer hydrogel which is injectable or topical. It forms a non-abrasive flexible matrix or dressing to provide localized delivery of increased levels of pharmaceutical activity at the targeted site with decreased systemic concentrations, with enhancing efficacy while reducing or eliminating systemic effects. Because of its flexibility and non-abrasive characteristics, Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine is preparing to commence a study of intra-articular VetriGel/Antibiotic for the treatment of septic arthritis; after proof of concept, Royer intends to apply for an IND for septic arthritis and joint prophylaxis in humans. Because of AppliGel/VetriGel’s unique properties and applications, Royer Biomedical has initially focused on Orthopedic, Diabetic, Anti-infective, and Oncologic applications.